Italian Market

The  Darta  product  range  is  innovative,  and  gives  investors  and  savers  a  choice  of  funds  suited  to  their  risk  appetite  and investment preferences. Our principal products include:


Challenge: this product is available on the Italian market through the Allianz Bank network of financial advisors. It offers a wide selection of funds managed by the Allianz Group companies, AGI and Pimco, as well as the innovative Team Challenge which pitches  eleven  of  the  major  asset  managers  in  the  World  against  each  other  with  the  same  investment  goals  and  volatility constraints.


Personal Target 2.0: this product is also available in Italy and ensures that your asset mix is actively managed to suit your risk appetite.  For  example,  in  times  of  high  volatility  the  mix  of  investments  is  switched  to  a  more  conservative  range  using  a sophisticated  computer  driven  algorithm.  Conversely,  if  markets  are  performing  well  the  equity  content  can  be  increased, although the level to which it can be increased will depend on your stated risk appetite.


Progetto Reddito: is a unit-linked life product that provides a plan of Periodic payment settled every three months. The amount of the Period payment is proportional to the single premium paid by the customer, starting from a minimum amount of EUR 500 per quarter for a minimum of starting premium of 50,000 euro


Private  Insurance:  this  range  of  products  was  launched  in  2010  and  is  suitable  for  high  net  worth  customers  with  over €500,000 to invest. The product is highly customised to suit the client’s needs, and can be very useful in estate planning. It is possible to take over an existing portfolio of assets and the client can nominate their own asset manager. Darta works with a wide range of private banks, asset mangers and intermediaries in providing this service which has already taken an interesting amount of assets under management.