The Company

Darta Saving Life Assurance dac, trading as Allianz Darta Saving,  is a 100% owned subsidiary of Allianz SpA of Italy and a part of the worldwide Allianz Group.

Founded in 2003 we are an Irish based life assurance company with Headquarters in Dublin.
Darta distributes its products on the European market according to the EU Freedom of Services directives “European passport”: it can operate in all the European Countries under the same directive.

Our focus is on providing innovative saving and investment products to customers in the European market as well as specially tailored services to High Net Worth customers. We have over 87,000 customers.

Allianz Darta Saving bases its success on flexible products and sophisticated service. Our Irish base allows us greater freedom in asset selection and mix, access to in depth experience in unit linked business, plus a competitive cost base, while still enjoying the benefit of being in a strongly regulated insurance environment.

We are committed to providing our customers with all the choice and support they could want, as well as the security of the Allianz Group.