The mission of Allianz Darta Saving is to make the customer the center of our attention and deliver an excellent costumer service.

The strengths of Allianz Darta Saving, which are shared with all the Allianz Group, are competitiveness, stability and know how of the financial markets. Thanks to his characteristics the Company is able to provide excellent investment services to its clients and offers them great quality solutions.

For these reasons Darta Saving values are: focus on customer needs, innovation, flexibility and reliability.

We are focus on our clients needs because we deeply research their most particular requirements to deliver excellent tailor-made solutions. Our ambition is to be recognized as specialists in private insurance and unit linked products at the point to become one of the benchmark in each financial market in which operates.

We are innovative because our Know how of the global insurance market allows us to find the right cutting-hedge product and service to fulfill our customers needs. Our research is aimed to offer unit linked with a sophisticated financial matrix to ensure our customers outstanding results in every market condition.

We are flexible because we are European: our Irish based office allow us to optimize our investments, moreover we know very well the characteristics of each market where we operate. This “multiple personality” gives us great operational flexibility which we put at the service of our customers.

We are reliable because we are part of Allianz Group, a large and sound entity that is famous for its stability. To resume, Darta Saving is made of German reliability, Italian creativity and north Europe experience in global financial markets.